Injection molding machines


One of the main characteristics of our modern injection molding machines is the high stability of the production process. In addition, all machines are connected to a LAN, which allows us to constantly monitor and store the data of the production process on the server. At the customer’s request, we are able to document the entire production data. These aspects, combined with a qualified team of workers, enable the production of high quality plastic products.

WOOJIN PLAIMM injection molding machines (SELEX TH-S)

  • clamping force 50, 130, 170, 220, 280, 650 tons
  • in the plastication chambers it is possible to mold plastic products with a volume of 64 – 3149 cm3
  • the machines are equipped with hardened chambers and augers for processing material up to 50% GF
  • hydraulic machines with servo drive
  • hydraulic system from Dorninger Hytronics GmbH
  • control system of B&R Corporate