Production and repair of tools and molds

Mould production

Moulds for the plastics industry


We offer complete design and manufacture of molds (plastic) as a 3D model of molding and other requirements.

We manufacture cutting tools, punch and tools for the rubber industry.

We produce parts and assemblies according to production




  • molds for blowing PET bottles

  • serial production of new forms

  • production of small batch forms 

  • production of prototype parts development

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Tools and molds repair

Reparation of pattern

We offer repair tools and molds:

  • Laser welding (precision laser welding system 01 ACP, additional material from 0.1 mm diameter, the possibility of surfacing directly with customers)

  • TIG welding

  • Polishing up to mirror shine (mechanical, ultrasound)

  • Repairs and modifications to parts of molds and other parts

  • Tumbling cutter, sand blasting

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