About us


MEPAC bet on a precision performed work


Since 1995 we have been dealing with precision surface machining:

  • polishing of injection molds, tools and special parts, we comply demands of high quality and precise surface up to a mirror finish. 

  • repairing of injection, exhaust and bending molds and cutting tools by using special welding, including laser welding 

  • renovations of demaged mold shapes and cutting tools or special components with high precision machining including repairs up to an original roughness of the surface. 

  • special equipment supplying and machines for precise machining of the surface, tailored to specific customers´needs 

  • sale of equipment, tools and consumables for precise machining of the surface.

Thanks to know-how and support of our external partners, especially from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, USA and Sweden we are able to offer equipment and tools which represent world leader in this area. Our clients base consists of approximately 2600 Czech companies, we also have customers in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, France and Switzerland. We make business with companies from precise machining area, producers of tools and molds, companies dealing with injection or exhaust plastic moulding, producers of metal components, forging producers etc. In 2005 transformation from Ing.Petřík company – MEPAC to MEPAC CZ, LTD. was finished.