Golden Dragon of EUROTOOL 2016


On October 19, 2016, at the 21st International Fair EUROTOOL in Krakow our company received one of the main awards - the golden dragon for our multi-purpose laser system ACP300-COMPACT.

This unique multi-purpose laser system for laser welding, engraving and cutting thanks to its design suitable for repairing shapes of molds or workpieces regardless of their weight or dimensions. Their compactness and flexibility dramatically reduces production downtime and repairs length.

Gold medal of MSV 2016


During the 58th International Trade Fair we won an important award. The evaluation committee, whose members were, for example, the president of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, or the rector of the Technical University in Brno, decided to award the Gold Medal for the laser system ACP300-COMPACT.

Multipurpose mobile laser system for precision laser welding, engraving and cutting from MEPAC CZ company offers the world unique solution to repair damaged shapes in molds or workpieces with a significant reduction in downtime, transportation cost and length of repair. Its advantages include the ability to repair large and difficult to handle tools, high flexibility, compactness and unique solution.

Gold medal Invent Arena 2016


On June 17, 2016 was our laser system ACP300-COMPACT awarded by the gold medal from other 120 inventions. This new product is suitable for laser welding, engraving or cutting and meets the high demands for machining parts, molds or tools. Among the main advantages include uniqueness, flexibility, time saving, high variability of setting and significantly smaller dimensions. This system is more compact, more flexible and more efficient which saves not only time but also the money.

Building of the year 2015


Next year's competition "Building of the Year" has its winners. In this competition, we reaped significant success this year, where in category - construction of a commercial character, our new hall in Třinec Nebory awarded first place.

The Commission, composed of experts evaluated the constructions according to many criteria. The aim of this annual competition is to award those who, through their new buildings or renovations help to improve the appearance of city Trinec. We are very pleased for this award and we are glad that we could help in improving the appearance of city Třince but also in creating new jobs.

MEPAC CZ contributes to the development of the Region


Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Moravian-Silesian Region appreciated personalities, companies and institutions for their contribution to the development of the region. On november 26 of 2014 at Mamaison Imperial Hotel Ostrava the awards was handed. Everything happened at a gala evening Region for itself, which was this year for the fifteenth time, organized by the Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian region, which appeared Marta Kubišová.

In the category of enterprises received award for his contribution to the development of the Moravian-Silesian region, among other, our company MEPAC CZ.

Innovative company MSK 2013


Imaginary Regional Innovation Oscar he won in a world unique mobile laser engraving system that is used for engraving (marking) of various forms and tools for engineering, regardless of size, weight or shape. The technology produces Třinecká MEPAC company that focuses on precision engineering. The award-winning patented device has no competitor in the world - is the most accurate and unlike other systems is mobile. Production of the MEPAC company is used in the automotive, plastics manufacturers or dental technology, aviation, textile industry, some products have made it into space - used satellites.

MEPAC Fair in Nitra


On, May 25, 2013 in Nitra ended Engineers International Fair. In competition with domestic and international exhibitors, regional company MEPAC CZ, Ltd. scored another success. Mobile engraving laser system HCP10 received one of the main fair prices. We got honorable mention fair.

Great success at the FAIR FOR SURFACE 2013


On, April 25, 2013 in Prague ended International Trade Fair FOR INDUSTRY, FOR SURFACE, FOR WELD. In competition with domestic and international exhibitors with regional MEPAC CZ, Ltd. company of Třinec scored another great success: its product - Mobile engraving laser system HCP10 won the Grand Prix at the fair. The system is a world first and is protected by a utility model. An expert jury composed of representatives from six different colleges under the leadership of Doc. Ing. Manas, MD. especially appreciated the novelty, performance, use of a wide range of applications of this system in practice. This success was followed company MEPAC CZ, sro the gold medal at the MSV in Brno plasty Kielce in Poland and MSV in Nitra Slovak.

The International Plastic Trade Fair in Poland


Great Success - the only Czech company, we won the gold medal at the prestigious trade fair in Poland, where we attended the 9th Annual International Plastics Fair in Poland - Kielce plasty 2005 held on May 31, 2005 - June 3, 2005, which were 645 exhibitors from 15 countries. This fair was thematically focused on the production of plastics and we got one of the five gold medals for our mobile positioning laser system for precision welding tools and molds ACP01. At the same time, we signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the sale of these systems in Poland with the company WADIM PLAST Poland, in which stand the system ACP01 presented to the Polish public.